Smart Growth
By taking a smart growth approach, I have worked with city leaders and communities to help ensure economic vitality, walkable neighborhoods, that we support and attract small businesses, preserve open space, create environmentally sustainable approaches preserve the character of Rockville, and plan for the future of Rockville. I will continue to ensure that leverage city tools, while preserving the adequate public facilities ordinance.
Town Center
The Rockville town center has struggled as a retail center and a housing development. The cycle of business and restaurants in an out of the center makes it hard for customers to establish buying patterns that would support the long-term patronage of the area more generally. Instead, customers flock to other retail and restaurant centers with more established tenants. I have worked with the real estate firm that owned the center to try to bring in more experience-focused options and those have been successful. I will continue to focus on developing the town center and other retail hubs as a center of economic activity for Rockville
Rockville Services & Safety
City services are an important part of the character of Rockville. I will continue to work to ensure that we preserve the Rockville services that our communities rely on, from summer camps to senior support. I will also ensure that we support police with adequate resources and training to ensure our city runs smoothly and is a safe place for its citizens.
Strong Schools
Schools are a major part of what makes our communities great. Countless families have shared that they moved to Rockville because we have some of the best schools in the county and state. However, the City Council currently doesn’t have a mechanism to regularly engage with our communities. As Mayor of Rockville, I will continue to help ensure that we engage the thousands of students and families that make up our community. I will also work to ensure that there is coordination between the city, county, and Board of Education to better plan for growth and school capacity, to advocate for the needs of our communities, and to meet with our local school leaders.
Inclusive Community Engagement
Rockville is the 9th most diverse city in the U.S. I will work to ensure that Rockville is a place where all can thrive regardless of race, class, gender identity. we are an engaging and including communities. We will go beyond the walls of City Hall and strengthen relationships with communities.
Bringing Industry to Rockville
As a marketing executive in the Biotech space, I know firsthand the industry that is leaving Rockville and how to bring it back into the area. We should also bring other types of industry into Rockville. Given our location and metro access this is the perfect location for businesses to thrive. Bringing in industry means jobs and commerce dollars for Rockville residents.