Meet Monique

As a 15 year Rockville resident and a mother of three (two kids and a dog), I am completely invested in the future of Rockville. I love this city, the people, the places, and the special culture that makes Rockville such an exciting place to live.

Rockville’s Future

I want to work hard to secure the success of our economic centers while protecting the value in our neighborhoods and schools. Approaching these issues with integrity, an open-mind, and a spirit of comprise will help us find the best solutions.

We Must Vote

Voting is the purest expression of our democracy and holds those that govern accountable to the people that matter most. I hope to earn your vote, but want to encourage participation regardless of the outcome.

Meet Monique

Monique Ashton has been an advocate for Rockville for more than 15 years, engaging in all levels of the city, supporting our schools, protecting our neighborhoods, and promoting small-business growth.


As a Rockville City Council Member, my priorities will be protecting the value in our neighborhoods and schools, promoting smart economic growth, and providing services that encourage the engagement of our residents.

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I am running a positive movement focusing on the bright future of Rockville. But I can’t do it alone, we all need to be involved. Join me in moving Rockville Forward and preserve the greatness of our city!

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By The Authority of Margo Sussman, Treasurer.

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Authority: Friends of Monique Ashton; Mathew McCormick, Treasurer